About Leroy

Furniture To Enjoy website. I hope this experience you will find rewarding.


A few years ago my wife and I were undergoing a major building project and we had to be confined to only small parts of the house at a time. A bit of a challenge with our three children I hasten to add.

The situation meant that we were forced to consider changing some of our furniture and because we were working to a tight budget. At the time we had to think very carefully about what types of furniture was absolutely required and how we were going to source what we needed at the time.

It’s at times like these when you think more deeply about what you need and why you need it.

Furniture became a focus on our thinking for when the building project was coming to an end and looking back it may have been useful for someone to expertly guide us in our choices taking fully into account our position at the time. That would probably have taken away some stress that we felt.


If I could point people in the right direction in a manner that they would find the right sort of furniture that they may need or desire then this website Furniture To Enjoy will have gone part way to accomplishing what it set out to do.

Maybe you find yourself in a situation that I have stated above, or maybe you have a pressing need for information or guidance, or maybe you just love the idea of having themed ideas for the furniture that you may want to choose or even looking to makeover your lounge or bedroom.

Whatever your circumstance we hope to be able to assist you


Ultimately here at Furniture To Enjoy I hope to be able to gain some knowledge which will enable me to help others down the line.

Over the years with the significant use of flat pack, this in my opinion has opened up more opportunities in types of furniture that one can choose.

That ultimately can be more of a minefield for some and can be time-consuming for others. We hope that we can match the type of furniture to the features that you may be looking for hence saving time and a lot of frustration in the process.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,