How To Buy Furniture On A Budget – 5 Point Strategy

Determine Exactly What Your Budget Is

I think that if you are going to develop a fairly solid strategy to be able to buy items of furniture that are required then you must be very clear in deciding how much money you have available to spend.Budget For Furniture

It is important that you ring-fence the amount you have to spend from your normal expected expenditure because you want to be confident of successfully implementing your plan on learning how to buy furniture on a budget without the subsequent worry of having to pay imminent bills after making purchase of your furniture.

It is felt that I have to make this point because you do not want to experience any financial hardship due to you buying the much-needed furniture for your house or flat.

Hopefully you will be clear in your mind what funds are allocated for your spending on the items that you need because there are other considerations that you may have which will directly flow from the understanding of your spending budget.

We will mention one of these main considerations in the next section.


Furniture To See You Through vs. Long Standing Furniture

There are so many factors to think about it can blow your mind but let us try to keep on track with this.

What is it that you think is a priority to you? Is it that you need furniture pieces that you would be confident in lasting you a certain period or is that you would want items that last a very long time.

To answer this question would depend on which items that you were hoping to obtain and the level of your budget.

What I mean by that is that if for example you was considering a bed or bed frame then I think most people would put that in the category of intending that to be a more permanent product so you are likely to match your spending to be confident of getting the durability that you would need for that bed or bed frame.

I hope that makes sense to you. So you almost have to create mental pigeonholes of price brackets for all the pieces that you intend to get. I think that you can only do this effectively after shopping around at a few stores and searching online just so that you can get the general feel for how much each item would cost.

Have I Got The Time To Shop Around?

Only you can answer this question. I suppose it really depends on your individual circumstances. If the answer is yes then I would suggest that you may try a few local stores (independent shops as well as the big chains) to see what is available firsthand.

Shopping For Furniture

The big advantage with this is that because you are there in person you can ask the retailers questions and quite often they would be able to supply you with some very useful information such as what may be coming into stock soon or informing you about delivery terms that they may have.

Retailers can be very helpful to you and certainly if you are in an independent shop there may be more scope on possible discounts especially if there is a possibility of cash sale (I will talk more about that later).

Be conscious of the furniture store that lays out their shop so the first thing you are likely to see are the discounted products. Remember that there are also likely to be more items at the back of the store and there you could find something that you like and is affordable to you.

Do not forget to factor in any potential delivery charges especially if where you live is considered a little more difficult to deliver such as the third floor of a three – storey house with really narrow stairs (you get my drift don’t you!!).

Some online research would clearly be of help to you as well but check the website’s refund policy if you do find something appealing online.

Carry Cash

If you are close to making a decision on what furniture that you are going to buy the carrying cash can be a good plan simply because if you are dealing with an independent store where they may be more flexible on price, then it is not beyond the realm of possibility to get some more knocked off the price if you agreed for a cash deal that same day.

It is not something I would try for big chains but the smaller outlets may be willing because you may speak to someone who has the authority to accept the additional discount or you could even be dealing directly with the owner himself/herself.

Cash For Furniture

If you are bold enough to try this tactic I do think that there is a little magic in the prospect of a cash deal that paying by credit or debit cards do not have.

Think how good you would feel if you had the cash to pay for product at the price that they were offering and you got an extra few percent off and you have agreed and paid up and you still had a few quid left in your possession.

Used Furniture Is An Option, Honestly

Be on the lookout for clearance sales because that could be a very good source especially if you are on a very tight budget.

What we have done before is that we have managed to get hold of a good solid wooden coffee table for £5 from local tip and it was great for the money. Just needed sanding and varnishing to bring it up a treat.

You can get hold of things like chairs or cupboards and for the cost of a tin of paint you can have good functional pieces that is fitting for your home.

Summary of Points To Consider

When considering buying furniture on a limited if not tight budget I think you almost have to psyche yourself up in order to help because unfortunately the furniture will not just land in your residence after waking up one morning.

It may be tempting but do not as a general rule buy the first thing that you see. Try to give yourself time to ensure that you are making the right choices.

Look at the whole big picture with your choices as you do not want to end up with a whole mish mash of pieces that do not go at all with the general theme of your rooms.

Be on the lookout for vouchers, promotional codes, sales etc to help ease the burden on your budget.

The main point I would say is do not be hasty in making up your mind, if possible give yourself a week or two to decide on what you want to finally purchase.

I do hope that this helps.

Happy Hunting !!!!!!

I would love to hear from you if you have any views please submit a comment and I will respond.