Should You Buy Cheap Furniture Online?

I guess that for you to be able to answer this question many factors would come into play. First of all your background, then there is whether there is a pressing need with limited funds available. I would say that you would have to trust the potential source as well. I myself have visited the local tip and have previously obtained 6 sturdy chairs very cheaply and they donate funds to a local charity then I proceed to sandpaper smooth and then paint the chairs which I have now had for over 2 years.

That was clearly an offline transaction where I was in a position to test, see and feel the chairs before purchase. If you wanted to buy cheap furniture online I think you would definitely want to get it from a trusted source. Many outlets offer a return or refund policy which should give most people peace of mind.

What Is The Focus Point Of Your Living Room?

It is very interesting to view how different people use varied items to use as a focus point for their living space. A mirror sometimes maybe used to maybe give that impression of a very spacious area. It maybe even an ornate coffee table that is placed so that it entices guests to be part of the family and feel more welcomed and included.

It could even be a piece of artwork whether that be an ornament or a painting that can have the effect of stimulating conversation.

Whatever the focal point maybe I think that it is all food for thought as we learn to consider such things according to our individual tastes. It is worth considering our own situation as some of us may have a family set up, or you maybe single, you may share your home regularly with friends, relatives or neighbours.

Let’s hope that some of you can consider these things more deeply in order for you to gain maximum benefit from your lounge area. A Large flat screen television might appropriate in some cases but it does not have to be the main focal point of a room.

Coffee Tables – Do They Matter?

Me being quite traditional in my choice of furniture I have in the past viewed a coffee table as just something to rest your drink or your pen and paper on.

How wrong could I have been.

I have recently been made aware of the extensive selection of coffee tables that you can obtain these days and it is eye-opening as it seems that the artistic shackles have been shrugged off and as a result there are many ingenious designs out there right now which are a world away from what was considered normal in times gone by.

So I have to ask again do coffee tables matter? – My response these days is they most definitely matter.

modern coffee table

Even the functionality has improved. I know of a coffee table where you can set the top at a height that suits you because of the adjustable height settings.

You may even consider paying extra for the dynamic effect that it could have in your living


Would You Consider Grey For Your Living Room?

I personally think that this is quite an interesting concept. For me it reveals that there is a changing perception in the thought of the colour grey.

Maybe it is widely considered as a dull colour because it maybe a reminder of the dull grey days when it is cloudy and overcast sort of weather. I do suspect that there exists a more positive thought pattern towards the colour grey as it is used positively in fashion and also surprisingly for our living spaces.

grey sofa


Grey is no longer considered widely a boring colour. With experimentation and with the right combinations of other hues and colours grey can be made exciting and very palatable.

With all the different shades of grey that you can have the overall feel can be made cosy or it can be cool depending on your tastes. I can only imagine that some interior stylists can feel really creative in this area since grey is a colour theme that may not have been considered so much in previous decades.


There are so many facets to think about when we are talking about furniture that it can be considered to be an art form.

We naturally hold dear our own opinions and tastes because it is an individual choice which I do not believe remains static.

I think that tastes may change in different stages of our lives or because we have a fundamentally different house to what was had previously. The amount of natural light available may influence our decision or our circumstances may change significantly ie marriage, additions to the family, starting to work from home etc.