The Modern Corner Sofa – Love Them Or Hate Them

The idea of the modern corner sofa seems to have gathered pace in the last decade or two. They have been around since the 1940s but it seems as though that they have taken off in terms of availability and a move away from traditional two or three-piece suites.

I do not believe that they are appropriate for every home. The configuration of the room would have to be able to accept the nature of the shape of the corner sofa. Also, a consideration is that some of us are more inclined to swap and change the layout of the living room fairly regularly, for those I certainly do not think it is a good idea if you like to refresh layout often as it should be considered as a long term choice to stay with to get value for money.corner sofa

Can you imagine yourself stretching out in comfort on one of these things in front of the television after a hard day at work? If you do not have one of these sofas I don’t think it is too difficult to imagine and feel hearty at the thought.

We do not have a corner sofa because I feel that you look at one and you get the impression that there are many seats when that is not true because if someone sits in the corner and the other seats are occupied then there is nowhere for the person in the corner to put there legs.

However, I do understand that if the person had more room and was sat down in the corner seat I can only imagine that they would feel that they were hugged by there snug sofa.

How do you feel about them??

Do you already have a corner sofa and if you do is it the best thing that you have bought or do you endure it??

If you do have an opinion please tell me what your thoughts are below.

I would like to hear from you.


Backless Sofas Do Exist

My first thought when I discovered that backless sofas do exist was “What on earth is the point of that?”. I suppose on further contemplation that they can have there uses.

They can provide flexibility in that they can be positioned anywhere in your lounge and then replaced as it was originally found.

My impression is that they provide a less formal way to seat guests. It is very nice to be able to lean back into a soft backing but sometimes it can be good to move a sofa in position away from a wall and just sit upright or maybe leaning forward if you are in conversation or maybe playing a board game.backless sofa

Clearly a more traditional sofa would not as easily allow you to do this and it would also the practicalities of cleaning or vacuuming around those areas would be harder to achieve with the extra weight of the back to contend with.

On the whole backless sofas can be made to work in your home with the right sort of layout.

Does All Furniture Have To Match?

The idea of furnishing your home is a very subjective and a personal choice. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so with couples opinions can clash when deciding what they want for there home.

Sometimes though I have felt that furniture has to match what you may already have in place or you have tom do a major overhaul and you have to consider a furniture set.

I do think that this mindset is restrictive though. After all whose home is it anyway? Who lives there? It is possible to have a very tasteful arrangement of furniture and have an unusually contrasting coloured lamp shade for instance which helps with the overall appearance. The end result is that the different wood tones that you may get overlooked because of the eye-catching feature that you have included and that can enhance the overall feel of the room.

Maybe we can remove those shackles and be more expansive in the way that we think about decorating and furnishing our homes. Who says that we cannot be individual in our approach to these things?

Are You Into Shelving Or Not?

Shelving can turn out to be one of the most interesting and exciting features within a living space. Apart from being just purely functional it can be made to eye-catching and very creative. The types of shelves that are available have so many styles these days. You can have wavy lines and curves within the shelves and maybe even patterned shelves however it is not just the nature of the shelf that can draw your attention, we must realize that the thing that you put on the shelf can make the shelf the star of the show in the lounge.

Usually shelves are used for books or ornaments but there may be a personal item of interest that can instantly arouse a guest’s curiosity. I am sure that you can see that would be a wonderful ice breaker for guests who come around to socialize.shelves

Nothing has to be uniform about shelving, for instance you can vary heights at strategic points to help maximize effect. I hope that your idea of shelving has been transformed a little and even with something like shelves that some creativity can be injected into the idea of where and how the shelves can be stacked.

When you are bold enough to chance your arm and experiment a little in this area you can feel a real sense of achievement when those creative steps actually gel with the features of the rest of the room.


Creative Juices Can Save You Cash

Opinions about certain styles that appeal can vary so much. Interior designers would probably have extensive experience in what works and what does not, however even the most prestigious interior designers can suggest designs that just clash with a client’s taste in this area. It is not a perfect science and sometimes we can all make mistakes in judgement but some of us are more naturally creative than others,

Some people may just need nudging in a certain direction and they end up managing the creative side of arranging there living room or bedroom and if they are effective they will not have to lay out any funds for using the services of an interior designer, which can be very handy if you have that capability.