Toddler Bedroom Furniture – Saving Time

The main aim of this blog is to acknowledge, as a parent, that many of us have busy lives and to help save time in the area of searching for toddler bedroom furniture.

When was the last time you searched for toddler furniture? It probably was not recently. Let’s face it you may not do this exercise every day. You may not be an expert in this field so we would like to guide you and highlight some points in your quest for furniture for your child’s bedroom.

Well let us take on this minefield and ask ourselves the very important question “Where do we begin?”


Time Spent By Your Toddler In The Bedroom

Time for a reality check. Some people may feel they have to fill out the space in their child’s bedroom, however that is certainly not the case.

The average toddler may sleep for 10 hours a night (if you are lucky) so I feel as though that we have to consider how much will he/she plays in the bedroom every day. For us our children were more likely to play downstairs in our lounge so it was not so much a big deal even though there were a few toys in their bedrooms. For you it may be different hence I am drawing your attention to what the toddler’s daily or weekly routine would be.

toddler with toy

Blmurch, Child playing with his truck, CC BY-SA 4.0

Bearing that in mind if you feel that your toddler would not be spending a significant amount of time in his/her bedroom then that would maybe help in deciding to get just the bare essentials and maybe another factor is that you may not want your child to grow out of the furniture too quickly. This can happen if you get furniture which is based on a typical age related theme and so would be inappropriate in time to come.

Besides, I think that the more floor space there is the better so reducing the number of potential hazards to you and your toddler.

Be Firm Sticking To Your Budget

No matter what sort of position you are in I do feel that sticking to your budget and being very rigid about it is a good thing to do in principle. It stops the ones more able to get carried away with their search and I think it aids clarity in deciding what you would finally purchase.

By sticking to your budget sometimes it can ease the task of the project because what is available quite a lot are furniture bedroom sets for children so if you do come across sets of this kind and you like the overall look this can help with the decision-making (if affordable of course).

If you are getting items piece meal then you would have to think more carefully about the cost of each item and how that fit within your budget.

An interesting alternative could be to use existing furniture that you may own or a friend may not need anymore and modifying to suit. That can be a very good way of assisting your budget control.

In an ideal world you would be thinking about getting toddler furniture when your child is only a few months old to allow for planning and thinking about what might be needed, and how much are you prepared to pay, or even if you are really organised you might be thinking about transforming your current nursery to a toddler bedroom, especially if at that time of having the nursery you had the foresight to plan this in advance.


Benefits Of Looking Online

One of the advantages of looking online is that you can more readily see more products that are available which can be helpful as the choice of toddler furniture available would be much more comprehensive. Imagine going to various shops viewing the same amount of product – I think that it would be much more time-consuming as well as having to travel or find a parking area to park in.

There seems to be an abundance of online furniture stores available so there are plenty of places to get what you may be looking for. It may be a good idea to limit the number of online stores to visit since there is a very obvious trap that you can fall into and surf so many places that you end up not saving time compared to traipsing down the high streets and city centres. I think it would be easier to lose track remembering which piece of furniture you saw on what website.

What Does Your Child Like

This can be a dangerous area to get into especially if your child is a strong – willed child. I would say that you would have to make a judgement on how much input that you are going to allow your child to have. We have been mainly talking about toddlers which may mean that you can be more in control of the end result.

It is worth mentioning that sometimes compromise is possible in a way that will be helpful for both parties. For example if the child had suggested a very bright colour for skirting boards maybe you could be guided to have the shelves in that colour instead. Hope you get the gist of what I am trying to convey.


I hope that some things that have been mentioned above are helpful to you. Like most things with a little common sense applied and direction a lot can be achieved however we do live in a busy world and time is at a premium these days, maybe more so than ever before.

I can understand some challenges that a typical parent faces so I dearly hope that some tips would prove to save you that precious time and energy that we never appear to have enough of.

Fellow parent I hope that when you do consider what is required in your toddler’s room I hope that some of you at least do not purchase more than necessary, after all your child will probably spend more time asleep than awake in their room.

If you are in the position of thinking about kitting out your child’s bedroom and you need a little assistance I would be more than happy to help you.