Who Makes Quality Furniture? – What To Look For


What Are The Joints Like?

It is generally accepted that the weakest part of any piece of furniture is at the joints.

When considering pieces of furniture such as tables and chairs I think you would be doing well to think about the joints. If you are one who is likely to go for high quality furniture pieces then the joints will have a large part to play in whether the piece will be long-lasting and durable.wood joints

Clearly anyone who makes quality furniture would certainly not use a combination of nails and glue to join any two pieces of wood together. I think for some people they would be horrified to see that in place.

What would be much more acceptable and maybe demanded are proper integrated joints such as mortise and tenon joints which is among the most widespread and strongest type of joint that you can get. Seeing joints like that or a dovetail joint gives reassurance that the furniture piece will not just fall apart after a few months of being used.

If you are not an expert in joinery and you are not sure what to look for in a good quality wood joint then do a little research to know what the different types of joints look like.

Sofa Is A Great Investment

Your next sofa should be one that will be around for a very long time. Now let’s see how we can help you decide on what you should be looking for.

If you spot a sofa that you like the look of then one of the first things that I suggest that you ask is how long is the guarantee for the frame and the springs and if they do respond by telling you that it is 15 years or even longer that to me would be a good indication that you may be viewing a quality sofa that will be sticking around for a very long time.

leather sofa

Do not be too shy to try out the seating. I feel that it is very important to do this because it can be a very significant element in deciding your opinion on that particular sofa. Be very aware of the amount of support that you experience because by having good support the overall shape of the sofa is maintained and of course you will focus on how comfortable it feels to you.

More often than not a high density filler would be used for the cushions on a high quality sofa which will help with the durability. A lesser density filler would probably mean that the cushions would lose its shape after a while and its would be an increased chance that the material may tear so yes it is a definite thumbs up for high density fillers.

There Is More To Wood Than Meets The Eye

You will almost certainly have a distinct advantage if you spend a little time learning more about the pros and cons of the different types of wood available. The knowledge will help you discern the quality of the furniture piece you might be viewing and so help you to decide if there is value for money. It will also help you to determine the long-lasting nature of the piece.

Engineered wood such as particleboard and MDF have there uses however I feel that if you are looking for high quality pieces then I would not expect to see particleboard in such items. Reason being is because particleboard is mainly made of sawdust which is bound together and then pressed really compactly. Particleboard certainly does not have the durability of hard or soft woods so it may be useful to acquaint yourself with particleboard if you are unsure of what it looks like.

If you are searching the high end area you would probably much more likely to be seeing hard and soft woods.

Some examples of hardwoods are oak, maple and teak and generally speaking they come from deciduous trees that shed its leaves annually.

Some examples of softwoods are pine, cedar and spruce and generally we find that softwoods are the source of many evergreen trees.

Hardwoods have a tendency to have a higher density than softwood due to the slower growing rate of the hardwoods compared to the softwoods.

I hope that the information that I have given in this particular area is helpful to you since I do think the average layman in the street may not know enough about wood but I have found before that by gaining a little knowledge can be of assistance.

Drawers – Check In Detail

With drawers having moving parts in relation to other parts it is so important to visually check the drawers open easily and evenly. Is it flush when the drawer is closed?

We hope that you will find drawers that will be made in a certain way with stops to prevent the whole draw coming out.

A really good indicator of quality drawers are the ones that are lined with felt. It may not be necessary to have compartments felt-lined however though it would improve the longevity of the piece and would serve to protect the items that are stored in there as well.

Home Dining – What A Joy

In my humble opinion it is great if possible to have a complete dining set where the chairs and the table are part of the same package.

When you see a high class dining set there is no mistaking the quality. The overall finish and feel should give off a certain status.

quality dining room

There are so many features that you can look out for such as the weight and design of the set. More often than not weighty tables and chairs are a sure sign of the solidity and stability of the products which can give reassurance.

The design and style can be unique and appeal to your individual taste, however it is important that you are confident that the prospective dining set would suit the intended area at home and would blend in the surrounding area.



In this blog I have attempted to give practical pointers towards empowering you to be able to successfully make the right choices in the furniture that you might select. Clearly the guidelines are not exhaustive however though I would like to know that there may be some information that I have provided that may be helpful to you. If that is the case I would like to invite you to let me know in the comments and if there is something that you may not quite agree on please inform me as I do understand that I am a working progress.

All legitimate comments would be gratefully received.

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